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Reality – documentary/competition              (8x60’)

Producers: Chris Toussaint & Matt Baird

Hosts: Matt Baird & Carter Reedy


MythBusters meets NOVA in this international scientific quest for amazing inventors and breakthrough energy technologies.

Ultimate Energy Showdown goes beyond renewables to find exotic, non-polluting machines like magnetic motors, crystal batteries and electric generators that defy conventional beliefs.  We explore these genius inventor’s dreams and aspirations behind what motivated them to imagine and build their creations – Davids who are taking on the biggest Goliaths in the world.

Then we put them to the test with the Showdown Challenge. They are given two weeks to prove they can demonstrate viable working devices that might one day compete with or even replace fossil fuels.  Can they pass the Reality Check meter and develop prototypes that can be scaled up and manufactured to compete in the global energy market?

Which inventors will see their dreams realized?  Who will become the next Tesla or Edison?

Contact:  Chris Toussaint           310 399-7982             chris@ultimateenergyshowdown.com   

Matt Baird                   310 828-5030             matt@ultimateenergyshowdown.com





Copyright 2010 Matt Baird & Chris Toussaint

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